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Yokohama Marathon 2019 Event Guide

Name Yokohama Marathon 2019
Purpose Contribute to interest in sports and the promotion of health, aiming for an event at which all people that “participate, watch and support” can enjoy the event and have an economic ripple effect and promote sales in the city.
Date Sunday November 10, 2019
Organizers Yokohama Marathon Organizing Committee
Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama Sports Association,
Yokohama Athletics Association,
Yokohama Sports Promotion Committee Liaison Council,
Yokohama Citizens Association Federation,
Kanagawa Running Association Federation,
Kanagawa Taiiku Kyokai, Kanagawa Rikujo Kyogi Kyokai,
Kanagawa Prefecture Industrial Track and Field Association,
Kanagawa Sports Promotion Committee Liaison Council,
Junior Chamber International Yokohama, Yokohama Youth,
Yokohama Rehabilitation Center, Hamashinren,
Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
Yokohama shopping street total federation,
Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau,
Yokohama Medical Association, Yokohama Shipowner’s Association,
Yokohama Harbor Transportation Association,
Kanagawa Warehousing Association, Yokohama Minatomirai 21,
Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama, Yamashita Koen Dori Kai,
YOKOHAMA F.M. BROADCASTING Co.,Ltd., Radio Nippon Co., LTD.,
Kanagawa Shimbun, Television Kanagawa Inc., Kanagawa Bus,
Kanagawa Taxi Association, Kanagawa Trucking Association
Producer Yuji Sakamoto
Supervisor Yokohama Athletics Association

Event Partners

JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (ENEOS),
Lawson, Inc., AMADA HOLDINGS CO., LTD., Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Under Armour,
Bank of Yokohama, Ltd., Sugiko Group Holdings Co., Ltd.,
Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd., The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company,
FANCL Corporation, The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited,
Photocreate Co., Ltd., CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD., Tokyu Group, Aquarius,
List Group, Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., Yokohama Okadaya Co., Ltd. (More’s)

Event Supporters

NTT East, DUSKIN CO., LTD., Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd.,
FUJITSU LIMITED, Ariake Co., Ltd.,
Sports Shop GALLERY・2, Yokohama Oils & Fats Industry Co., Ltd.,
Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd., Shiroyama Co., Ltd., Noge Printing Corp.,
Prime Care Tokyo Co., Ltd., Fresh Del Monte Japan Co., Ltd.,
DOCOMO bike share, Inc., Raisin Administrative Committee,
Mitsuhashi Rice
Management Cooperation Yokohama Sports Promotion Committee Liaison Council
Cooperation Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd.,Nissan Global Headquarters,
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.,PACIFICO Yokohama,Sotetsu Group,
Keikyu Corporation,Yokohama Minatomirai Railway Company,
East Japan Railway Company Yokohama Branch,
Yokohama City Transportation Bureau,Yokohama City Fire Bureau,
Yokohama Greenery Foundation,Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology,Orange House(NPO)
Assistance Sports Agency, Tourism Agency, Asahi Shimbun, Japan Sport Association

Full marathon (42.195 km)

1/7 marathon (6.0278 km)

1/7 marathon (wheelchair)

2 km (wheelchair)

Participation Qualifications

Full marathon (42.195 km)

Persons born before April 1, 2001, that are capable of completing a full marathon within 6 hours.

1/7 marathon (6.0278 km)

Persons born before April 1, 2004, that are capable of running 6.0278 km within 50 minutes.

1/7 marathon (wheelchair) (6.0278 km)

Persons born before April 1, 2007, that are capable of completing 6.0278 km in a racing wheelchair within 30 minutes.

2 km (wheelchair, accompanying helper (assistance) possible)

Persons born before April 1, 2013, that are capable of completing 2 km by wheelchair within 40 minutes. (No restrictions apply to the type of wheelchair.)

Starting Times
Event Starting Time Time Limit
Full marathon 8:30 AM 6 hours 30 minutes
1/7 marathon 8:30 AM 1 hour 20 minutes
1/7 marathon (wheelchair) 8:20 AM 30 minutes
2km (wheelchair) 9:40 AM 40 minutes
Gate Closure Times

Gateway points will be established at certain points along the course, and athletes that have not passed by these gates by the closure time shall be disqualified.

Full marathon

Location Gate km Mark Gate Closing Time
Gate 1 Yokohama Park 4.4 9:36
Gate 2 A Jetty Entrance 8.1 10:03
Gate 3 Near Honmoku Overpass 10.5 10:21
Gate 4 Pool Center Entrance 14.5 10:52
Gate 5 Near Shinmoricho Viaduct 17.2 11:13
Gate 6 Near Yokohama Nambu Market 19.9 11:5
Gate 7 Shuto-ko 56.1KP 23.0 12:01
Gate 8 Shuto-ko 51.5KP 27.6 12:41
Gate 9 Symbol Tower Return 34.3 13:41
Gate 10 A Jetty Entrance 37.7 14:10
Gate 11 Yamashita Pier Entrance 38.6 14:23
Gate 12 Near Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 41.3 14:52
Finishing Gate Finishing Gate 42.195 15:00

* Gate locations, km marks, and times are subject to change.

1/7 Marathon, 1/7 Marathon (Wheelchair)

Location Gate km Mark 1/7 Full Marathon Gate Closing Time 1/7 Full Marathon (Wheelchair) Gate Closing Time
Gate 1 Yokohama Park 4.4 9:36 8:42
Finishing Gate Finishing Gate 6.0278 9:50 8:50

* Gate locations, km marks, and times are subject to change.

Runner Reception


Friday November 8 and Saturday November 9, 2019


PACIFICO Yokohama Exhibition Hall (scheduled)


Friday November 8: 11 AM to 8 PM (scheduled)
Saturday November 9: 11 AM to 8 PM (scheduled)

Item No. of People Participation Fee Type Targets
●Full Marathon Priority Female Runners 10,000 15,000yen Lottery General Public
Local Priority Yokohama Residents 2,000 15,000yen Lottery Yokohama City Residents
Kanagawa Residents 1,000 15,000yen Lottery Residents of Kanagawa Prefecture outside of Yokohama City
General*1 11,920 15,000yen Lottery General Public
Challengers*2 500 15,000yen General Public
Charity*3 500 50,000yen
(incl. 35,000yen charity)
First come, first served General Public
Foreigners 1,000 17,000yen
(incl. 2,000yen fee)
First come, first served Foreigners
●1/7 Marathon 1,000 4,000yen Lottery General Public
●1/7 Marathon (Wheelchair) 30 4,000yen Lottery General Public
●2km (Wheelchair) 50 3,000yen Lottery General Public
Total 28,000
Persons unsuccessful in the “Priority Female Runner” and “Local Priority” categories are automatically added to the General Lottery
A category aimed at creating sporting habits like running in as many people as possible, by providing opportunities to participate in the Yokohama Marathon
In addition to the official event organized by the Organizing Committee Secretariat, running activities will be held in cooperation with city and prefecture marathon events and local sports centers etc.
Donation Destinations:
“Yokohama Rapport” operated by the Yokohama Rehabilitation Services
“Kanagawa Hospital Children’s Medical foundation” managed by  the Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center
Application Periods
○Priority Female Runners Wednesday April 17 – Monday May 20
○Local Priority (Yokohama/Kanagawa Residents) Wednesday April 17 – Monday May 20
○General Wednesday April 17 – Monday May 20
○Charity/Foreigners Wednesday April 17 – Friday June 28