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About the Events

QIs there an upper limit on age for participants?

ANo, there is no upper limit on age.

QIs this an official event of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations?

ANo, this is not an official event of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations.

QIs this an official Japan Association of Athletics Federations course?

ANo, this is not an official Japan Association of Athletics Federations course.

QWill records be official records of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations?

ASince this event is not an official Japan Association of Athletics Federations event, they will not be official records.

About Entry

QAre mail and phone applications accepted?

ANo, they are not.

QIs entry to the event based on “lottery” or is it “first come, first served”?

AThe Charity and Foreigner Events are first come, first served. There will be a lottery for other events if they exceed the capacity.

QCan I enter both the Full Marathon and 1/7 Marathon?

ANo. If there are overlapping entries in multiple events by the same person, the entry will not be eligible for selection.

QIs there any way to enter other than online?

AYou can enter through the Loppi machines at Lawson and MINISTO stores.

QDo I need to register membership to enter?

AMembership registration is not required.

QI am a citizen of Yokohama City (Kanagawa Prefecture). Do I need to enter both the Local Priority and General Events?

AIf you enter in the Local Priority event, anyone that fails to be selected within the Local Priority Event will automatically be added to the General Event and will be subject to the lottery in that event as well.

QI can’t select the payment method.

AThe entry fee payment method (Credit card payment or over-the-counter payment) will be able to be selected after you have been chosen to participate.

Procedure Following Entry

QWhat should I do if I want to change my registration details?

AAfter entry, it will be possible to make changes, amendments and cancelations to the details for the Priority Female Runner, Local Priority and General events between 12 pm Wednesday, April 17 and 7 pm Monday, May 20.

About the Charity Category

QIs the charity category tax deductible?

ADonations from individuals in the charity event are income and tax deductible

About the Start

QHow are starting block positions determined?

AStarting blocks are determined based on the best times supplied when entering (effective from January 1, 2017 to the date of entry). If you have no record within this period, please provide your expected time.

About Access to the Venue

QWill there be parking for cars and bicycles around the venue?

AWe would ask that you use public transportation on the day of the event.

About Entry Fees

QAre the entry fees expensive?

ATo make it possible to hold this event, it is necessary to have participants share a portion of the cost (beneficiary share). The entry fees have been set to cover about half of the expected cost of the event. We thank you for your understanding.

About Payment

QI entered online but was not selected to participate. Is there any cost?

AThere is no charge for anyone that entered online but was not selected to participate.

QWill I receive a receipt?

APlease see below for the handling of receipts for the payment of entry fees etc.

Credit card payment:
You can create your own receipt from your “My Page”.

Over-the-counter Payment:
You will be given a receipt in exchange for your payment.
Because the receipt issue methods differ depending on the method of payment, please contact the Yokohama Marathon Secretariat if you have any questions.

For other payment methods:
Please contact the Secretariat.

About Volunteers

QWhen will volunteer applications begin?

AApplications for volunteer leaders is scheduled to begin in April, and for volunteer members from early June.
Details will be posted as available on the official Yokohama Marathon 2019 website.

QHow should I apply?

APlease apply through the Volunteer page on the official Yokohama Marathon 2019 website.

  1. You will need to register as a member of the Yokohama Sports Volunteer Center (free) to apply.
  2. If you are already a member of the Yokohama Sports Volunteer Center, you can apply directly from “My Page”.
    If you are not registered as a member of the Yokohama Sports Volunteer Center, please register before the Volunteer Application period for the Yokohama Marathon 2019 begins and you will conveniently be able to apply through “My Page”.
  3. Please note that the Yokohama Sports Volunteer Center is only available online, and does not accept letters, postcards, emails, faxes or telephone calls.
What is the Yokohama Sports Volunteer Center?
This center provides volunteer information for sporting events held in the city, and recruits and registers members such as for the Yokohama Marathon and “World Triathlon Series Yokohama Triathlon”.
It also holds workshops and lectures so that many people can actively be involved in sports volunteer activities.

QCan I request certain activities (roles)?

AIn principle, activities (roles) are determined by the Yokohama Marathon Organizing Committee Secretariat (hereinafter “the Secretariat”), and requests cannot be accepted.

  1. You will be informed of the details of activities (roles) in the “Activity Notice (Participation Notice)” which will be sent by email or mail in late September to early October 2019.
  2. Please note that if you select “Can participate anywhere” in the activity blocks, your activity block and activities (role) will be determined by the Secretariat.
    (Please only select (apply for) those activities (roles) within activity blocks designated by the Secretariat which you are capable of doing)

QHow do I make an application for a group or organization?

AIf you apply as a group of 2-10 people (Group Registration), you will be able to work together or in groups alongside each other.

  1. Once each individual has applied as a volunteer for the Yokohama Marathon 2019, one representative can register the individuals as a group (grouping) during the volunteer application period by going to “My Page” on the official Yokohama Sports Volunteer Center website.
  2. In the case of groups, group registration is possible (grouping) if all group members have applied for the same activity block (with all of the same activity days and activity times).
  3. Groups of 11 or more people are treated as organizations, and a representative should contact the Secretariat.
  4. In the case of organizations only, the representative will be the leader, responsible for managing all of the members.

    ①Because this is treated as an organization, individual members should not apply as volunteers.

    ②The representative of the organization must participate in the Leader Briefing Session to share information between leaders and support the smooth activity of organization members.
    Please be sure to choose someone that will certainly participate as your representative.
    The representative of organizations will be the “Selected Organization Leader” and does not need to apply as a volunteer leader when applications open from April 2.

    Leader Briefing Session: Saturday, October 4
    Venue: Yokohama Kannai Hall (Kannai Small Hall or Yokohama Seishounen Ikusei Center)

    Volunteer Member Preparation Meetings: Saturday, October 19, Sunday, October 20
    Venue: NISSAN Hall (Nissan Global Headquarters)

    * The date and time for participation will depend on the activities (roles) determined by the Secretariat.

    ●Details will be provided in the “Activity Notice (Participation Notice)” which will be sent by email or mail in late September to early October.

QIf my application is completed does that mean that I will be able to be a volunteer?

AApplications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, so when your application is completed your participation as a volunteer will be decided
(There is no lottery)
Please be sure to confirm your own schedule before applying so that activities are not declined (sudden cancellation).

* Applications will be closed for activity blocks once they reach capacity, so please apply by selecting one of the activity blocks that is available when you make your application.

QThe scheduled times are given, but what times will we arrive and leave?

AThe times that are given are expected to be inclusive of arrival and leaving times, but please note that this may change slightly for the purposes of event management.

* More details will be given at the Volunteer Member Preparation Meeting.

QWhen working along the course, will there be toilets available for use during activities?

AYes, there will.
Temporary toilets will be installed by organizers along the course and at water stations etc., so please use the toilets that are in place with the permission of the organizer.
The same applies to the Metropolitan Expressway, so please rest assured.

* Details, including the locations of temporary toilets etc. will be explained at the Volunteer Member Preparation Meeting.

QWhere are the meeting places, and how should I get there? Also, what will happen when it is time to leave?

AIn principle, you will meet and leave from your activity location.
The organizer does not provide parking (including for bicycles) at meeting locations or activity locations, so please use public transportation.
Also, depending on activities (roles) a staff transport bus may pick you up from your meeting place to transport you to your designated activity location, depending on your activities (role).


At previous events, the bus stops used for volunteers included the Honmoku City Park area, South Market, Seaside Line Headquarters, Takashima Chuo Koen, and 7 Gaiku (near the Red Brick Warehouse).

* Meeting places (bust stops) for 2019 are still being determined.

Bus Transfer
Activity Block
Last Time (2018 Event)
Meeting Place (Bus Stops)*
Last Time (2018 Event)
Additional Information
about Meeting Places (Bus Stops)
1 Honmoku Kominato Block First half – Akarenga (Red Brick Warehouse) Bus Stop,
Second half – Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
Note that the meeting places are different for the first and second halves
2 Honmoku City Park Block Honmoku Shimin Pool A shuttle bus will operate from JR Negishi Station to the Honmoku Shimin Koen Parking area
3 Shutoko Isogo Block South Market Seaside Line Nanbu Ichiba (South Market) Station front – South Market Parking Area
4 Shutoko Sankeien Garden Block South Market Seaside Line Nanbu Ichiba (South Market) Station front – South Market Parking Area
5 Shutoko Honmoku Block South Market Seaside Line Nanbu Ichiba (South Market)Station front – South Market Parking Area
6 Honmoku Pier Block Akarenga (Red Brick Warehouse) Bus Stop Bus stop adjacent to the Red Brick Warehouse
7 Jetty D Block Akarenga (Red Brick Warehouse) Bus Stop Akarenga (Red Brick Warehouse) Bus Stop

* The bus stop will be the meeting place.

QWhat happens at the Volunteer Member Preparation Meeting?

AIt is a meeting to explain volunteer activities ahead of the event (participation is mandatory).
The meeting will explain the entire event and will explain your activities using the activity manual, as well as distributing volunteer clothing to be worn on the day.
Please note that if you are absent, you will not be able to participate as a volunteer.

* Details will be provided in the “Activity Notice (Participation Notice)”

Volunteer Member Preparation Meetings

  1. Date: Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20, 2019
  2. Times: 2 hours 30 minutes each (scheduled)
    Participation dates and times will be based on the decided activity blocks.
    Please note that the participation dates and times for the Volunteer Member Preparation Meetings are determined based on activity blocks, so in principle, these cannot be changed.
    Oct 19 (Sat) 19th A (10 am Group) Runner reception, start/finish (except for course observers), 1/7 marathon finish, water stations
    19th B (1:30 pm Group) Runner reception, start/finish, Red Brick Warehouse, Yamashita Bridge, Honmoku Kominato
    Oct 20 (Sun) 20th C (10 am Group) Runner reception, Honmoku City Park, Negishi, Shinsugita, South Market
    20th D (1:30 pm Group) Runner reception, Shutoko Isogo, Shutoko Sankeien Garden, Shutoko Honmoku, Honmoku Pier, Jetty D

    Timetable content is subject to change.
    Participation is mandatory even for persons that have experience as volunteers in the 2015 through 2018 Yokohama Marathons.

  3. Venue: NISSAN Hall (Nissan Global Headquarters)
    * About 7 minutes on foot from the Yokohama Station East Exit
  4. Target Participants: Yokohama Marathon 2019 volunteer members and volunteer leaders (including the leaders of organizational volunteers) etc.
  5. Participation in the Preparation Meeting
    1. If you are absent from the preparation meeting you will not be able to participate in volunteer activities (participation is mandatory).
    2. In principle, everyone must participate in the preparation meeting, but in the case of groups and organizations group/organization members may be absent as long as their representative is present.
      However, in the case of absence, the Secretariat must be contacted in advance (mandatory).
      The representative should explain details to those that are absent from the meeting and distribute volunteer clothing.
    3. The individual that applied as a volunteer must participate themselves at the preparation meeting.
  6. Persons wishing to only work during runner reception (8th and 9th)
    Participation in the preparation meeting is mandatory, but the participation date is free.
    Please participate when convenient, in either A, B, C or D on Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th.

* Details will be provided in the “Activity Notice (Participation Notice)”

QWhat will be in the package?

AWe plan to provide volunteer clothing and an activity manual.

  1. There will be one set per person, regardless of the number of days of activity.
    *Sizes of volunteer clothing are only available in one size fits all.
  2. Transport costs, food or meal costs etc. will not be reimbursed, including for participation in the Volunteer Member Preparation meeting.
  3. Note that the package content may change without notice.

QWhat kind of clothing should I work in on the day?

APlease wear clothing that is easy to move around in.

  1. Please be sure to wear the volunteer clothing that is provided at the preparation meeting.
  2. Please check the weather forecast in advance, and prepare for cold weather or rain (raincoat, gloves, disposable hand warmers, etc.)
  3. Please wear your volunteer clothing on the outer layer, to clearly indicate that you are a volunteer.
    However, please remove your volunteer clothing when taking a break, so that you are not mistaken for an active volunteer.
  4. Please note that if you forget your volunteer clothing on the day of activity, you will not be able to participate in volunteer activities.

Hand Baggage

There is nowhere to put baggage during your volunteer activities.
Please be careful of how you manage your valuables and note that the Secretariat cannot accept any responsibility for the theft, loss, mistaken removal or damage etc. to property.

QI applied as a volunteer but can no longer participate. Can I cancel (decline)?

AThe Secretariat will handle cancellations, so please contact us as soon as possible.
Email:[email protected]
TEL:045-222-4888 (Weekdays 9:30 am to 5 pm)

  1. Please be sure to apply with a schedule that you will be able to keep to, to avoid lightly cancelling (absent).
    Please note that because registration is on a first come, first served basis, you will need to be active for all of the scheduled dates for which you registered when applying for multiple dates.
  2. Please understand that lightly canceling (absent) on the day without contacting the Secretariat will place a heavy burden on the volunteer members and leaders that are working together in your group.
  3. If you cancel (cannot participate in activities) after participating in the Volunteer Member Preparation Meeting, please note that you will need to return the full set of volunteer clothing that you received to the Secretariat (return to the contact address below) at your own expense.

    * Please be sure to return it as this also impacts event security etc.


    Attn: Volunteer Management Division
    Yokohama Marathon Executive Committee Secretariat
    3F Nissei Yokohama Onoecho Bldg.
    6-81 Onoe-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-0015